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"The road to sucess is always under construction" Arnold Palmer

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Brian will review the issues and come back to you with his expert solution to ways to improve your game.

What People Are Saying

“Thanks for the recent lesson, it has helped me enormously and now I’m back winning again”.



“Brian’s expertise on the short game has really helped me improve my scoring. Through simple changes in my technique I have seen huge improvements in this area of my game”.



“If you want to take your game to the next level. Then Meet Brian. He has the ability and a proven record to offer. I did and have seen a great improvement in my game and level of confidence”.



I started playing golf in July 2019 and struggled badly with slicing the ball, for the first few months I tried myself to correct this having no luck, around October time I decided to take a few lessons as I wasn’t enjoying my golf, within that first lesson Brian had set me up completely differently and within half an hour he had me hitting a straight drive, what impressed me about Brian that day wasn’t that he had fixed my slice, it was his attention to detail and for the full lesson everything he done or we chatted about was based on my golf, he has a brilliant knowledge of the game and gives great reasoning and explains everything he is asking you to preform, Brian is always available for me even if it’s just a text to ask a question or if I send him a video for a bit of advice, I’ve dropped 5 shots in 5 months, I’ve added 40 yards to my drive, I’ve a completely different swing to what I had, I’m continuing to improve but most of all he has me really enjoying the game now as I am capable of playing good shots.


Keith Shiels


Putting Struggles:

After one putting lesson with Brian I noticed an immediate improvement with my putting. The number of putts I holed, particularly from short to mid-range, increased significantly. I put this down to better putter face alignment and less wrist movement, all factors Brian pointed out to me and corrected during the lesson.


Delwyn Montgomery