A few examples of papers that will help show ties that are strong your house nation through the after

A few examples of papers that will help show ties that are strong your house nation through the after

  • Copy of a unexpired lease or a home loan
  • Page from your own company saying the times of the holiday, including whenever you’ll come back to work
  • School enrollment verification in your house nation for either yourself or your kids
  • Proof that your particular young ones are remaining in your house nation through your check out, such as for example meet latvian girls a page providing a grandparent permission to make choices for the young ones
  • Title deeds for almost any home you have at home nation

It is additionally generally speaking an idea that is good offer copies of one’s bank statements, charge card statements showing healthier investing limitations, or any other evidence that you’ll be in a position to support your self economically throughout your trip to the usa. (have a look at our step-by-step guide on what to scan and copy documents the way in which immigration officials choose. )

Keep in mind: For the most readily useful opportunity of gaining temporary admission towards the usa, it’s crucial to just simply just take additional care in planning your tourist visa application and assembling the best papers to simply just take to you.

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The 90-Day Rule

Imagine if I change my head about going house?

The U.S. Government acknowledges that life does not go according to always plan.

Just exactly just What then decide to stay and apply for a green card from within the United States (technically an “ adjustment of status ”) if you come to the United States to visit your spouse, fully intending to return to your home country, but?

Your green card application will not always be rejected. However you will want to illustrate that you intended to return home but a significant change in circumstances forced you to alter your plans that you changed your mind for legitimate reasons. For instance, you to remain in the United States, it would be in your best interest to explain this during your green card interview if you intended to visit your spouse in the United States for a short period, but a sudden decline in your spouse’s health prompted.

Applying the “90-Day Rule”

For partners whom make an application for a marriage-based green card after entering the united states of america on a tourist visa, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration solutions (USCIS) will use the “90-day rule” as being a guideline to choose exactly how much additional scrutiny to offer the green card application.

Under this guideline, any of the after conduct in the very first 3 months of going into the usa might be considered a breach of the temporary visitor status:

  • Participating in unauthorized work
  • Searching for an unauthorized span of research (with out a student visa that is proper
  • Stepping into a wedding by having a U.S. Resident or card holder that is green
  • Filing an “adjustment of status” green card application (type I-485)

If some of the above tasks occurs within 3 months of entering the united states of america on a short-term visa — such as for instance a B-1 (company visitor) or B-2 (tourist) visa — USCIS will presume you “willfully misrepresented” your intention for visiting. In this full situation, you need to disprove this type of presumption and submit proof to conquer it. Otherwise, a USCIS officer could reject your marriage-based green card application and on occasion even revoke your tourist visa.

USCIS will likely not presume willful misrepresentation, nevertheless, should you not participate in the aforementioned tasks for at the very least ninety days after going into the usa on a tourist visa. While watching the rule that is 90-dayn’t guarantee a fruitful marriage-based green card application, it’s most likely a smart idea to play it safe.

We realize that this method could be intimidating and confusing at very very first. But by constantly telling the truth and being prepared, it is possible to take control of one’s immigration journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my fiance(e) see me personally in america for a tourist visa?

The brief response is yes, it is possible to. The rules that are same spouses of U.S. Residents (as described above) also affect engaged lovers with a pending K-1 (fiance or fiancee visa). Boundless has an in depth guide from the differences when considering a fiance visa and a marriage-based card that is green.

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